Past These Struggles [Decipher] #PTSD


Past These Struggles [Decipher] #PTSD

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I am Jermaine Henry a MC/Facilitator. I work with diverse groups of change-makers within the arts, youth engagement, mental health and inclusion. I travel around Canada sharing my music and mission through performance/workshops called P.T.S.D - Past These Struggles Deciphered.

What is Deciphered all about?

The art of breaking down the meaning of the art. Using dialogue by the activating the truths of and challenges delusion of the artists and audience. Through this process we created a brave space for us to have healing conversations and express our truths. The love in the space elevated us talented local artist share our heart art with the audience creating community. 

What is a 'Brave space'?

Brave space- an environment in which a community/group offers to be authentic, honest, and vulnerable about their experiences with each other in order to grow/heal from personal and generational traumas. 

This project has be inspired by the work in the community arts and culture world, people from the organizations/groups who I dedicated my project "Preview Vol 2: PAST THESE STRUGGLES". Big ups to my people AVNU, Grassroots Youth Collaborative, The New Mentality, Youth Social Infrastructure Collective, & The HEARD 'formerly Spoke N' Heard'. 

The goal of P.T.S.D is to empower Black Indigenous People of Colour voices, build cross-cultural solidarity and move towards self-care/healing. 

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One Love, 

Jermaine Henry

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