Services Offered


        These days people are looking for more meaning in life. I believe this happens in safer and braver spaces, where people are invited to be authentic and vulnerable in co-creating meaning and growth in our communities. This takes a unique approach to increase personal, organizational and societal benefit for the long term. When people believe they matter and apart of making a difference - we see more passion and purpose manifest.


Organizations whether nonprofit, public or private have something in common...all have an interest in serving their community. The motivation may be based on business interests, or completely philanthropic interests. Regardless of the reason, the commUnity benefits. I am committed to helping groups, effectively and efficiently help their respective communities.



  • Coach  Programs and workshops are at the core of efforts and intentions to impact the community. In this process, my clients and I discuss personal and/or organizational goals. Once the objectives are determined, I coach my clients using my IBLV methodology along with relevant and effective processes to reach their objectives. 

    • I support clients in strategic planning, vision mapping, leadership coaching, and community engagement projects. 

  • Facilitator/HostSome of my clients don’t have the know how to host camps, workshops and retreats, and some simply just don’t have the time and energy. Hosting can be very tedious and time consuming, which is why I get countless requests to host events.

  • MC/Poet- Clients also book me for bringing my talents in drama, rap and spoken word to engage and uplift their audience with infectious positive energy. From school assemblies to class lectures, international conferences to fundraising events my intention is to connect and inspire authentic community engagement.

Success Stories

Participants were asked for 3 words which describe my workshops. Common words were: Brave, Community, Honest, Insightful, stimulating, engaging, educational, fun, resourceful, inspiring, dynamic, informative, interactive, innovative, rewarding, warm, generous…

What People Are Saying About Jermaine

"Jermaine was able to keep the positivity in the room and guide us to look forward to what’s possible, how we could work together and maintain our value systems." - Amy Hosotsuji, (Former) Coordinator for Grassroots Youth Collaborative (GYC)
"Jermaine is a naturally talented speaker, facilitator, coach and artist, bringing his deeply compassionate nature into diverse spaces that require an ability to at times navigate trauma experiences, diversity and mixed skill & age levels."     Violetta Ilkiw, Process Consultant
"Jermaine consistently offers a positive energy and strong facilitation skills that puts people at ease and brings out their best qualities in group settings. He is attentive to the subtleties of group dynamics and is not afraid of tackling the tough conversations that need to happen. " - Chris Lee, Program Manager, Inspirit Foundation
"Jermaine has a strong presence and an infectious energy. It has been a pleasure to work together and I will continue to look for opportunities to collaborate." -  Caralyn Quan Program Manager, The New Mentality of Children’s Mental Health Ontario 
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